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Fit.Schooled. And Fab

Ok im putting my foot down. Starting monday. Eating healthy,exersie. I did that before and lost 20 pds. I was so happy. But i have a feeling now that my mom never wants me to be skinny. I think she was jealous and got me back on the whole junk food shit. Then i felt bad and would nothing for days,some how my mind takes over and i binge. Its a huge cycle. I want to be healthy and happy. Im not going to let anyone in my way. I just dont want to keep this up. It will hit me in the long run. I want to be toned but not too much. I want to be healthy. This is bad for me mentally and physically. Im goning to do kick boxing(which helps relive stress) and walk on our treadmill. I just can't breath any more. I want to be able to breath again...Im not going to let my moms poor eatting habits effect my eating habits.

<3 Amber
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