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So lykk omgzz.. peoplezz you NEED to get into the know-how. Lyk Ana n Mia are lyk so totalli yesterday now.. there's a whole new story, here in 



Ana Reksya is the it-girl.She's so hot and so thin. She's dating this guy named CODy Binger. Cody is fat because he keeps eating. Ana hates the fact that he's fat, and so she's trying to make him thin..and hot..like her. Ana's best friend is Mia. B. Mia Nervosa. She's not as hot as Ana, but she's really popular too. Mia knows a magic trick involving her finger- that's why she's so cool. Mia's dating this guy named Ed Nos. He's the captain of the football team, and he doesn't eat right. But guys don't get eating disorders.

Ana's arch rival is Reiko Veri. She's healthy, confident, and pretty cool. Sometimes she wishes she could look like Ana, and sometimes she borrows ideas from Mia, but other than that, she's awesome. Ana hates Reiko because she always steals Ana's new friends away. And Reiko hates Ana because Ana's a control freak that won't get a grip on herself.

The fat kid at the back of the classroom is Obi Siti. He eats glue and cries because the kids don't accept him as a member of the Wanaville High student. His friend Pica is the one that introduced him to glue-eating. Pica's almost never in school- she's too busy eating paint chips. So kids don't really remember her too well.

So Ana's family is slightly disfunctional. She's the child of Abe Used and Deb Ression. Her twin sister, Ano, suffers from a disease. Ano is trapped inside her own body, and she hates it. So Ano started getting really thin. She became scared of food, and stopped eating. Ano suffers. She hates her life.And she wants to move out of Wanaville as soon as she can. Her twin sister, Ana is jealous. Ana WANTS Ano's life. She wants to be thin- no matter what the cost. So she tries to starve herself too- but she's not very good at it. Both the sisters hate eachother, because each has what the other wants: Ano is thin. But Ana is healthy. Ano has no friends. She's scared of people, because she has a secret. Ana, is the people person. She brags about her 'disorder'. She has no idea what her sister goes through. And to be honest, she doesn't care.


Oh, and a heads up: Ano HATES it when people confuse her for Ana. so be careful when you adress her, k?

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