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Ashlee Simpson

1.She is a faveorite because she has struggled with her weight and trying to figure out who she is.
2. I think she looks amazing.Even thought shes having Pete's baby,she looks fabulous.
3. I think she looks amazing at any weight.
4.Yes becuase she kicks ass. She doesnt care what other people think. She does everything that she does for herself.
5.Yeah i do,her weight and mine goes up and down. And i think the both of us are confused. 

Audrey Hepburn
1. Wel she is my second favorite,but she was in ballet before she started acting and like me she was influence by ballet,having to be thin was a big thing,
2. Well,shes dead...(R.I.P) But i saw pictures of her and she looked fabulous as she always did.
3. At her heighest weight (when she first started) she was a litte different.She was only like what,my age?At her lowest she looked good!
4. Yes,yes,yes.She was an amazing acttress and she was so fashionable. She really didn't put her clothes together from what other people where wearing,she made her own style.
5. Yeah,i can.She was confused with eatting and thouht she was fat,when she was a twig! I think its just how we let society influence us.


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