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Food For Thought...

The following are a list of famous women that battled ED's. Pick your "favorite" from the list. If you have a "favorite" that's not on the list, you're welcoem to use her. Then answer the following questions.

1. Why is she your "favorite"?
2. What do you think of her at her current weight?
3. What was your opinion of her when she was at her lowest weight? Highest weight?
4. Do you think she is a good influence on the youth of today? Why/Why not?
5. can you relate to her as far as eating habits, etc are concerned? If not, which celebrity can you relate to? How?


Alanis Morissette
Alexandra Paul
Ally Sheedy
Amy Heckerling
Amy Winehouse
Ana Carolina Reston
Angelina Jolie
Andrea Gruber
Andrea Marcovicci
Anna Freud
Anne Murray
Anne Sexton
Ashlee Simpson
Audrey Hepburn
Barbara Niven
Barbi Twins
Bridget Hall
Britney Spears
Bruce Vilanch
Calista Flockhart
Candace Cameron
Carre Otis
Catherine Bell
Catherine Hickland
Catherine Oxenberg
Cathy Rigby
Cherry Boon O'Neil
Cheryl Tieges
Christina Ricci
Christine Alt
Christy Henrich
Courtney Thorne-Smith
Crown-Princess Victoria of Sweden
Cynthia French
Dolly Parton
Dolores O'Rirdon
Dawn Langstroth
Elisa Donovan
Felicity Huffman
Fiona Apple
Franz Kafka
Gelsey Kirkland
Geri Halliwell
Gilda Radner
Heidi Guenther
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Jane Fonda
Janet Jackson
Joan Rivers
Joyce Maynard
Justine Bateman
Karen Carpenter
Kate Beckensale
Kate Bosworth
Kate Dillon
Kate Moss
Kate Winslet
Katharine McPhee
Keira Knightley
Kellie Martin
Kirsten Dunst
Leila Pahlavi
Lindsey Lohan
Magali Amadei
Margaux Hemmingway
Maria Conchita
Mariah Carey
Mariel Hemmingway
Mary Kate Olsen
Mary McDonough
Melanie Chisholm
Meredith Vieira
Mia St. John
Michaela Strachan
Mischa Barton
Molly Jong Fast
Nadia Comaneci
Nicole Richie
Nikki Cox
Olivia Newton John
Oprah Winfrey
Paris Hilton
Paula Abdul
Peta Wilson
Portia de Rossi
Princess Diana
Renee Zellweger
Richard Simmons
Sally Field
Sandra Dee
Scarlett Pomers
Shane Sellers
Sharon Osbourne
Susan Dey
Syliva Plath
Tara Reid
Teri Hatcher
Thandie Newton
Theresa Marie Schiavo
Tracey Gold
Uri Geller
Victoria Beckham
Whitney Houston
Wynonna Judd
Yeardley Smith
Zina Garrison

this is by no means necessary, but we figured it'd be interesting.
enjoy ladies!


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taintedxtulip and oneclandestine
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